Jesus & Religion


What If God was one of us?

This is question commonly heard everywhere. This question may be common, but it is unique in some aspect.

Would we dare to follow Him? Or maybe, choose to ignore Him?

Hope Lies In Despair

Glorious Ruins.

Sometimes, we ask ourselves, “Where are You God in these times of despair?”. We tend to seek Him. The force of despair drives us to the solemnity of sorrows. In these times, our faith is really tested.

We must not think that God wants destruction. He only wants us to be revived. In what? Our faith to Him. These times of despair are His ways of convincing people to call the name of the Lord again.

Glorious Ruins. Amidst ruins, God rebuilds; amidst despair, He rekindles hope. God glorifies the ruins, for He is able.


When we pertain to Church, we can give two meanings:

1. A building

2. A communion of believers

Now, let’s talk about a serious matter.

Many Christians believe that the Church is a building. How little is their knowledge! The Church is not only a building, but a “faith-building”, meaning, a communion of believers. We are the Body of Christ, with Christ as the head, forming a Church. The foundation of the Church is not a stone, but rather, Christ, who formed the Church as a sign of SALVATION. So, the Church is a communion of the Body Of Believers With The Leader, Christ, As The Head.

Nothing Less, Nothing More

Nothing Less, Nothing More. What If Everyone On This Earth Live By This Principle? Will People Be “Satisfied”?

YES! If People Learned To Get Only The “RIGHT” Amount, Then, No One Will Be Of “LESS” Amount. God Created The World Enough For Everyone’s Need, Not For Everyone’s Greed. If We Lived By This Principle, Then Perhaps, Nothing Less Or More Is Left For Everyone’s Need.

The Question Is: Are We Ready To Live By This Principle?


"Your Name Is Higher

Your Name Is Greater”

We never cease to experience trials everyday. Sometimes, we encounter problems that we tend to give up in solving them. But we do not lose hope, for we have an Anchor for our soul: Christ, the one who will help us in every trials.

"I have this hope as an ANCHOR for my soul."

If our faith is strong in Christ, then surely, we are anchored to a strong foundation that will not be battered down even by the strongest of the strongest storms.


Man Of Sorrows / The Suferring Servant

Isaiah 53.

On this particular chapter of Isaiah, Isaiah gave picture of the one who will save Israel and the world - the messiah. But contradictory to what the Israelites is expecting, the messiah pictured here is a suffering servant - a man of sorrows.

This chapter also points out that the suffering servant will die for mankind’s transgressions, despised by mankind, and born humble and like us. As a result, Jews who are expecting the messiah as a victorious general did not accept Isaiah’s image of the messiah.

For centuries, this chapter and other chapters in Isaiah regarding the “suffering servant” baffled Jewish priests and scholars. They cannot accept the fact that the messiah, the one promised to save them, is a suffering servant, a man of sorrows.

Later on, the New Testament clarifies that the messiah is a man of sorrows. Jesus was crucified and put to death, confirming what is described in Isaiah 53 that the messiah is indeed a suffering servant.

Reflection: If you are to have a choice, what would you choose: a suffering servant or a victorious army general? Why do you say so?